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God's Valley


The general community of Miracle Valley has had a most amazing history. 

There is the history of miracles, healings, signs and wonders under the ministry of Rev. A. A. Allen and Allen Revivals, Inc.

There is the history of the Bible College - Miracle Valley Training Center and the Southern Arizona Bible College under the Assemblies of God.

There is the history of the black people who arrived from Chicago, IL and the local Cochise County Sheriff which resulted in a shooting in 1982 where two of the black community were shot and killed.

Then there is the history of the Melvin Harter Ministries who came to Miracle Valley in 1999 and started the restoration of the campus, as well as the re-establishment of  Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary, in addition to a State Licensed Assisted Living Home and a Childcare Center.

The Miracle Valley Bible College campus has become popular in recent years as evangelicals discover their roots, many going back into the famous Healing Movement of the late 1940s through the 1960s.  Miracle Valley remains as one of the last places today where signs, wonders and miracles occurred.