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Miracle Valley Bible School - Miracle Valley, Arizona

The Nehemiah Project:

“Coming of One Mind for a Common Cause”

"Work is great but the people had a mind to help”

Miracle Valley left behind cries, “Ole Friend,

I am almost committing an indecency. I am trying to rip open the inconsolable secret in each one of you---the secret which hurts so much that you take revenge on it by calling it names like Nostalgia, Romanticism, and Adolescence.” - C.S. Lewis

The secret - Miracles and wonders we experienced, as Bud Yoder said “Even the most evangelical would not believe.” The secrets are the events that can only be shared with someone that was there.

A. A. is gone and isn’t it a wonder how Miracle Valley in the present condition seems awaiting for the second call?  The ground and buildings that were once anointed seem to call us back, for some a visit, and for some just our thoughts, but it calls.

The secret - I’m told our Savior has never left. He has been seen recently, the Miracles are still happening, the Healing, the Signs and Wonders are still amazing. I wondered if these were leftovers?  The question is: “Should this piece of this earth that was so dedicated, so anointed, be left carelessly, without thought and prayer in each of our roles in Miracle Valley’s future?”

Isn’t it a wonder, that a stranger was called by God to seek out Miracle Valley and to restore the buildings, to restart the Bible School, and to see the vision of Miracle Valley. This is not a stranger to God; this is Dr. Melvin and Roberta Harter.  They and their family have carried this vision, huge burdens, using their own resources to answer this call.  Now they have almost nothing left to invest.  The call as Dr. Harter said, “The Lord called me the Miracle Valley and God has not told me to leave.” I cannot vision a person answering the call of Miracle Valley unless this call was of God.

Dr. Harter has done an amazing job to get the Valley restored from where it was when he first arrived to the place it is today.  Their personal investment of seven years is so close to getting Miracle Valley self-sufficient. The plan is to have assisted living, nursing home, day care, charter school paying the expenses.  This takes the Bible School into it’s own with support.

I believe in Miracle Valley, and I believe in Dr. Melvin and Roberta Harter.

I cannot see my future without calling out, “Ole Friends, shall we band together as Nehemiah and stand with someone that God has called, to restore buildings, restore the land, Bible School and the Tabernacle for the glory it was anointed to be and make Miracle Valley presentable to our Lord again?”

Miracle Valley needs US now more than ever to survive.  Dr. Harter is so close to turning the corner, but has exhausted his personal resources. We must respond in this battle to keep Miracle Valley intact or the enemy will win. 

So I’m asking you personally to help Miracle Valley pay its expenses. We need to finish this year and start the new year with expectations that God can use US to help restore and get Miracle Valley self-sufficient.  

This is a great tax write-off and you could not give your gift more directly to God than Miracle Valley. If we all band together as we once did, pray, and give, in any amount then Miracle Valley has a bright God centered future.

Sincerely, in God

Harvey Russell, Peter Contreras, & Bud Yoder

Miracle Valley Alumnus


Bud & Sarah3_1.jpg

From Pastor B. L. (Bud) Yoder, a former Worker and Bible School Graduate of Miracle Valley Bible College



My history with Miracle Valley goes back to 1961 to 1963. At that time my Mother was a student at Miracle Valley Bible College and Training Center and I was a student in Miracle Valley's elementary school.


From the Lunkmarks


Hello Brother and Sister Harter,

Just want to write a note, as we've been thinking about you all, and have honestly been PRAYING for you and for Miracle Valley. 

We were thrilled when we received a phone call from Harvey Russell yesterday and he told us that he is going to be involved in some fund-raising for you, especially in the area of finding private investors to hold the note on MV, and reduce your interest payments. 

We told him we're really thankful that the Lord has laid this on his heart. 

We trust that this will be your turning point. 

He also mentioned the possibility that Peter Contreras and Bud Yoder will be on the MV Board -- excellent choices as they've both shown their hearts to be with you and the restoration of the Bible School! 

We certainly plan to do our part to encourage others, where they can be encouraged.  We can't worry about the Sanballats.

Tim is still wanting to come to donate some work; however, we haven't seen our way clear to come just yet.  He wants to bring his tools, and we'd like to bring some money to help on materials, if possible.  Maybe it will all come together soon.

Sister Harter, I was serious and will be working on, a list (and addresses) of the sons and daughters of people who used to be at the Valley.  Those kids are grown now and have children of their own -- a wonderful possibility for future Bible College students. 

Many of these kids grew up playing around the grounds on the campus, and you might be surprised at their interest in what happens there, although they, themselves, are not Alumni.  I will try to get that list to you soon.

I asked the Lord to give me a scripture for you, and my Bible opened to this one a few minutes ago, "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." 

I chuckled, as that scripture was quoted a lot in the former days of Miracle Valley.

We really enjoyed meeting both of you and having you in our home. 

God bless in every way. 

Grace & Tim Lundmark


If you would like to make a donation to Miracle Valley, click the following icon saying MAKE A DONATION