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There have been many misconceptions that are actually promoted by some people regarding the history of Miracle Valley over the years.  We would like to set the historical record straight so, as a reader, you can get the true facts of events as they regard Miracle Valley, Arizona.

Click Here For The 1982 Gun Fight

To those who would like to gather and learn additional information regarding the 1982 gun-fight at the Miracle Valley subdivision, I encourage you to read a thesis entitled, THE CHRIST MIRACLE HEALING CENTER AND CHURCH: RACIAL CRISIS IN AMERICA, 1980-82 written by John J. Lyon and presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts from Arizona  State University, August 2002.

Mr. Lyon gives a detailed analysis regarding the explicit occurances of events leading up to, during, and following the gun fight.


Addition information the reader would enjoy reading is a book written by Cyril Wecht entitled, MORTAL EVIDENCE.  Dr. Wecht devotes Chapter 5 of his book to "Shout-Out In Miracle Valley."  The books reveals several pictures, including that of a bullet hole in William Thomas Jr.'s lower left back which was an entrance wound.

Writing in the first-person, Dr. Wecht leads readers into the heart of the investigation, focusing on engrossing drama.  He reveals the most startling evidence that show why, in his professional judgment, the 1982 showdown between religious sect members and police in Miracle Valley, Arizona.

The science of forensic pathology has changed the face of detective work forever.

The book MORTAL EVIDENCE is published by - Prometheus Books - 59 John Glenn Drive - Amherst, New York 14228-2197

or can be obtained over the internet at www.prometheusbooks.com



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