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A. A. Allen


This book was written by Evangelist A. A. Allen some four decades ago, but has been out of circulation in recent years. 

A. A. Allen was one of the most important evangelists to emerge in the early days of the healing revival.  From the beginning he was a prophet to the poor.  He related to their feelings and needs in a way few public figures do, and demonstrated great compassion for them.

His great tent crusades reached masses of people across America, as did  his TV and radio outreaches, and his books and literature.

R. W. Schambach had the privilege of serving as Brother Allen's associate evangelist for six years during the 1950s.  Rev. Schambach states that he learned so much about faith and the miraculous from tihs man of God, with whom he ministered with deep admiration and respect.

We pray this book will encourage, inspire, and bless you as it has so many others over the years.

And by it he being dead yet speaketh (Hebrews 11:4)

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