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Subject: Important Miracle Valley Newsletter - Please Read Special Information From Dr Melvin Harter Special Newsletter June 5, 2010 From Dr Harter truck Dear Melvin I will never forget the day when God spoke to me. He simply said, "Go down to Miracle Valley and build My Bible College." I was an outsider, no big name and nobody special. Who was I? Just a nobody, no famous name or face. But I am a servant of the Lord. However, the fact remains, God sent to a total stranger (Melvin Harter) to Miracle Valley, Arizona. I came to southern Arizona when Miracle Valley was not popular. For nearly five years, Miracle Valley had been on the real estate market for sale. No one, who had any money, was even interested in purchasing it. With just $180,000 in cash resources, I launched out in faith, obeying the Lord. Jose Leyva, the representative of the owners was a wonderful Christian gentleman. He said to me, "I saw the glory of God on this campus during the times of Rev. Allen. And I am so delighted to know that you are going to continue it as a Bible College." Well, there were many hurdles to jump and rivers to cross. One time, coming back from the county offices Bisbee, AZ, I felt very discouraged and had it in my mind that I would make immediate plans to leave Miracle Valley. The requirements were too hard, the opposition too great, and I was nearly out of funds as having to spend a minimum of $10,000 per month just to keep Miracle Valley open and now 18 months had passed, and my money was depleted. It was just as I was coming over the hill into the valley that God spoke into my heart and said, "Melvin Harter, I have called you and prepared you for this work and I am counting on you to do what I have called you to do." Then I felt the Lord to say these words to me which, at the moment, I could not understand; especially when I viewed the deplorable condition the college campus was in. But here is what the Lord said to me, "Miracle Valley is the only hope for the church, the nation and the world." When I arrived at the office, I was a man of faith. There were contracts awaiting my signature. Without any reservation whatsoever, I felt the Spirit of the Lord and I signed the contracts. Throughout our stay at Miracle Valley, it was literally "Living By Faith" day in and day out. Whatever the need was, God supplied it. Literally, the Lord sent thousands of dollars and scores of volunteers to help us restore the campus. Most people do not realize the financial responsibility of having Miracle Valley. When I first inquire with the previous owners regarding the monthly operating budget, I was told it was $10,000 per month. Personally, I did not see $10,000 per month because there was only one elderly lady and one outdoor light turned on. However, when the first month ended, it cost us $10,000. As we increased the work, our budget soon reached $26,000 per month, and then shortly afterward, with our monthly mortgage, it reached $40,000 per month. There was no money at Miracle Valley. There were no financial resources or income that was generated. Meanwhile, I was praying in the Prayer Tower, asking God how I was to pay for Miracle Valley and its operation for even if there were no monthly mortgage payment, there was not enough income to sustain its obligations. The Lord answered my prayer. As I was looking out the window in the Prayer Tower, the Lord asked me a question as to how did I build that multi-million dollar church back in Ohio? I replied, "Lord, you told me to start a childcare center." We had over 120 children enrolled shortly after our opening. God said to me, "Could that building be used for a childcare center?" "Could that building be used for an Assisted Living Home?" "YES, I exclaimed." I knew God had given me my answer. After going through many legal battles, costing us over $100,000, we were granted permission to start these ministries. Many volunteers arrived to help us. Twenty workers flew in from Rev. Peter Contreras' church in Blue Island, IL. Other volunteers arrived to help us. Carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, and etc. Rev. Elias Moreno and about 45 people from his own congregation traveled over 300 miles in their cars and trucks, worked nearly week. When a need arrived, we literally went to our knees in prayer, asking God to supply the need. It was amazing how God sustained us for nine plus years at Miracle Valley. Then it appeared that God had failed us somehow. Miracle Valley was being foreclosed upon, and it seemed that all hope was gone. There was nothing else I could do. I have learned that it is at these times that we simply continue to call upon God. We basically did nothing but pray during this time. Staff members joined me in "all-night prayer meetings" in the Prayer Tower and Tabernacle. From sundown to sunrise, we were praying, on our face before the Lord. How can you lose when you are continually calling upon the Lord in prayer? One day, a person posed a question to me, "Don't you know that it is over?" I responded by saying, "IT IS NOT OVER UNTIL GOD SAYS IT IS OVER." I still stand on that premise even today. Well, since we left Miracle Valley campus, the Lord has graciously sustained us. Six months later, we were informed that we still owned 17 acres of Miracle Valley real estate, and find out that we have certain legal rights to the remaining property. Now, for the past nearly two weeks, we have been once again on our knees in prayer, asking God to show us the way. As of this writing, God has not answered me. However, I believe He will reveal His will to us at the precise moment. For the past year and half, Miracle Valley has laid dormant. There has been no maintenance and no one residing on the campus. It continues to deteriate each day. It is very sad to see it now after all the work that was put into it. We have asked God to preserve it because there is nothing more we can do. Now we are approached with a monetary offer of relinquishing our legal rights to the main campus. The amount is hardly a drop in the bucket compared to the more than $550,000 that Sister Harter & I alone have invested from the sale of our childcare center in Ohio and its commercial facilities. They also would like to purchase the Miracle Valley Cemetery from us. We were offered 3 million dollars on several occasions for Miracle Valley some years ago, but when I brought the offer before the Lord, He said, "NOT FOR SALE." Now here is where I am. If I chose to proceed with our legal rights, then I must immediately have $15,000 to pay the additional legal fees. These are funds that I do not have. I have no financial resources from which to draw at the present time. Since 2009, I have paid $10,000 in legal fees, $3,500 in appraisal fees, $1,800 in survey costs, $300 for Title Report, $4,600 in installing a fence around 15 acres, and $21,000 in storage fees. Only God has helped to do this, and only God can help me now. If you want me to hang on, then I need your financial help. If not, then there is nothing else I can do. It is all in God's hands. May God bless every one of you is my prayer and May God bless Miracle Valley. - Dr Melvin Harter Newsletter Signup God Answers Prayer truck Dee Malone installing tile It has required a lot of faith to accomplish the major task of restoring Miracle Valley, and trying to establish a Pentecostal & Holiness Bible School there. Glory to God! Don't tell me that God does not answer prayer. Yet God has always sustained us. When it looked like it was totally over, God would always come through again with another mighty miracle. I believe I could write a book on our experiences at Miracle Valley. Visiting with Urbane Leiendecker [the man who gave 1,280 acres to Allen who named it Miracle Valley] a few days ago and asking for his prayers in God giving us divine direction, Urbane mentioned to me that Sister Harter & I have done more to improve and restore Miracle Valley than anyone else that he knows of since the time of A A Allen. Then there are those who speak negative of our ministry at Miracle Valley. One writes, "I don't understand why you feel Harter has done a good job at the valley. He took the roof off the church (It's still off) just so he could use it to get money. And it worked. He got 10's of thousands to fix it. Good job? Not in my mind." I know the person who wrote this, and if I mentioned his name, you too may instantly recognize it. However, I would ask him just a couple of questions. "Was I not nice and courteous to him whenever he visited Miracle Valley?" And secondly, "How much money did he give toward the restoration of Miracle Valley?" Well, I can answer in the affirmative that I have always tried to be a gracious host to all of our guests and visitors. Secondly, this man never gave anything toward the restoration of Miracle Valley. In fact, those people who lie and criticize us, be sure to always ask them exactly how much of a donation in the way of money, labor or encouragement and prayers did they give to help us? You will discover those who did nothing are the biggest complainers. I do not mean to sound negative in any way, and the Lord has shown me that I should simply give it all to Him and not retaliate on the internet. But if anyone wants to know exactly what we accomplished at Miracle Valley, then ask someone who gave and labored and supported our ministry. We had Miracle Valley reappraised just a few months ago, and it was revealed that the only value remaining in Miracle Valley were the structures that we had remodeled. I think that speaks something of our ministry. - Dr Melvin Harter Dr Harter Dear Melvin I guess this is perhaps the most important newsletter you will receive regarding the Miracle Valley Bible College campus and its future. Many people, who love Miracle Valley, want to know exactly what the situation is regarding Miracle Valley. There are many rumors floating about, so I feel that it is important that I share this newsletter with you. I want to start by trying to explain to you as clearly as I can the legal facts regarding Miracle Valley as I understand them. First of all, let me state that we have certain legal rights to the main campus regarding the remaining 62 acres, which contain the structures of the college campus. Now because certain procedures were not adhered to when the mortgage company foreclosed and sold Miracle Valley in a Trustee Sale in October 2008, the title company declares that MELVIN HARTER MINISTRIES remains yet today the "VESTED OWNER" of Miracle Valley. The title company informed us that the State of Arizona statures declare that if a trustee sale is not properly followed, then the sale is null and void and the property in question reverts back to its previous owners. In this case, it is Melvin Harter Ministries. A judge reviews the sale of the property and if he agrees that procedures were not properly adhered to, he simply confirms the state stature and decrees the Miracle Valley property, consisting of the 62 remaining acres and campus facilities to be returned to the Harter Ministries. Once the property is returned to our ministries, then the former mortgage will apply. Only the Lord knows how much it will be due to the various factors involved. As you know, there is no present Miracle Valley income, no childcare center which just reached $16,000 income each month for Miracle Valley, and no assisted living home which generated $20,000 monthly for a total of $36,000 per month income. However, I KNOW THE LORD WILL MAKE A WAY SOMEHOW. If I live a holy live, shun the wrong and do the right, I know the Lord will make a way somehow. - Dr. Melvin Harter Upcoming Tent Revivals Starting in July we will be holding Tent Revivals in the following cities - Prescott, Wickenburg, Parker, Lake Havasu, Kingman, Flagstaff, Winslow, & Holbrook We will keep you posted as to the particular dates for these meetings. Come and join us if you can. We Stood On Matthew 18:18 Look at Screen.Crantz God certainly moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. Last year, Sister Harter and I spent from April to the end of June traveling across America. Everywhere we went, saints of God joined us in prayer, standing on the Word of God as declared in Matthew 18:18. Together we prayed and asked God to bind up Mr. David Crantz and his Landmarc Capital & Investment Company because of certain improprieties that we realized he had done to Miracle Valley. (This was the mortgage company that had given us a loan.) Unbeknown to us, God was already on the scene, answering our prayer. On June 24, 2009 the State of Arizona declared Landmarc Capital & Investment Company INSOLVENT (i.e. BANKRUPT) and immediately closed Mr. Crantz's company. We were notified by certain government officials that we should file a claim against Landmarc Capital, which we did in a timely manner. We were informed that all mortgages in the State of Arizona MUST be closed with an Escrow Company. Our loan was closed in Landmarc's office, and not in an Escrow Company. This is why Landmarc increased our Interest Rate by an additional four percent and our Origination Fee an additional $25,000 at the time we were closing our loan. We felt we were in a corner and did not realize that we were dealing with dishonest people. The purpose of closing loans in an Escrow Office is so that everyone involved knows exactly what amounts of monies are involved and there are no changes of the terms at the time of closing. This did not transpire in our relationship with Landmarc Capital. Our loan required a balloon payment to be paid at the end of 24 months. However, if certain conditions are met, the loan is extended and the balloon payment would be due in 60 months. We met the outlined conditions; however, Landmarc refused to grant us our extension. We discovered several months later that it was because Landmarc had immediate buyers for Miracle Valley who would give Mr. Crantz a million dollars more than what we actually owed on our mortgage. Late last summer, we were advised by certain attorneys that we should immediately obtain an up-to-date title report, which we did from a local title company early last fall. The title report revealed several additional factors that we did not realize at that time. FIRST OF ALL, the mortgage company placed a mortgage on only seven of the nine Miracle Valley parcels. That meant that we still owned two parcels consisting of 17 acres of Miracle Valley property outright. That was certainly a wonderful surprise to which we thanked the Lord. SECONDLY, there were legal issues involving the Trustee Sale of the Miracle Valley property that was conducted in October 2008. Proper procedures and requirements were not followed. We were totally surprised of this fact, especially since the Trustee Sale was handled by a professional firm which does nothing but trustee sales throughout the State of Arizona. Nevertheless, according to the Title Company, the "VESTED INTEREST" of the Miracle Valley property belongs to MELVIN HARTER MINISTRIES, INC. We immediately filed a legal claim for our legal rights regarding the Trustee Sale of the property, and against other issues regarding the mortgage company. Currently, we are preparing to go before the court. - Dr Melvin Harter Miracle Valley - Very Popular Today truck Miracle Valley has become very popular in recent years, especially with the Kingdom theology people and certain groups among the Charismatics. Rick Joyner made a statement about "honoring the fathers" and it seems that everyone is now interested in Miracle Valley. Here is what some are saying on the internet - One writes to me on facebook and I quote, "When Miracle Valley comes back, it will not be with your deceitful ways. It will be with some members of his family that God has blessed his seed and the fruit of Lexie womb with the help of some of his spiritual seed." Here is what A A Allen himself had to say about Miracle Valley, "The property . . . is not my own. It cannot even be used for the benefit of my family after my death." Someone else writes, "My prayer is for the MIRACLE VALLEY PROPERTY TO END UP IN THE HANDS OF KINGDOM MINDED PEOPLE who love like Jesus loved! The world has had too much religion and not nearly enough of the pure love of heaven, selfless love. Let's all pray for the will of God, and not our own to be done, and then I believe we will see God's glory fill the place..." Well, I know these people are not praying for me to get Miracle Valley back because I AM NOT A KINGDOM PREACHER. I AM A HOLINESS AND PENTECOSTAL PREACHER WHO STILL BELIEVES IN OLD-TIME RELIGION OF GETTING SAVED, SANCTIFIED, AND FILLED WITH THE HOLY GHOST LIKE THEY DID ON THE DAY OF PENTECOST IN THE BOOK OF ACTS. AND GOD HAS NOT CHANGED, NEITHER HAS THE BIBLE. HEBREWS 13:8 IS STILL RELEVANT TODAY. Another states, "We've just recently finished a CONFERENCE CALL regarding a fresh stirring of desire and passion to see both the vision and THE CAMPUS OF MIRACLE VALLEY RESTORED to a hub of KINGDOM BUSINESS and the glory of the Lord . . . We are contending FOR THE HEAVENS TO OPEN in even greater manifestations of the glory of God in our day!" All of this foolishness of the "HEAVENS BEING OPEN" is a total farce. There is no scripture for such things as "OPEN HEAVENS." God moving among His people has nothing to do with the heavens being open. Instead, it has everything to do with God's people being right with God. These types of statements come out of the Charismatic Movement. Surely, they don't think everyone is so stupid to believe such things? In this day that we live in, no one wants to speak against anyone. But according to Isaiah 58:1, God's Word says "CRY ALOUD, SPARE NOT, LIFT UP THY VOICE LIKE A TRUMPET." With all the foolishness going on in many Christian churches, it is a disgrace that more preachers are not crying out against it. Friends, there is only one way to have the genuine power of God in one's life or church, and that is through lives of holiness and righteousness and through sincere prayer before God Almighty. But there is one scripture that I do stand upon, and that is, "THE EFFECTUAL FERVENT PRAYER OF A RIGHTEOUS MAN AVAILETH MUCH." You can find it in James 5:16(b). I have but one question I would like to pose to those Charismatics who so desperately want to obtain Miracle Valley, "How much support did you ever give toward the restoration of Miracle Valley, especially since Don Stewart leased/sold it to the Hispanic Assemblies of God in 1976 continuing up to now?" That is easy, because I can answer that question. "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING." They have given nothing, nor have they ever come and tried to help with the restoration of Miracle Valley. But I can tell you who did give support to help restore Miracle Valley. It is the little "nobody's who do not have any great name." It is the people who genuinely love the Lord and believed in what God is doing there today. Some of these little people have hauled our heavy equipment from Ohio. They have labored on roofs, donated and installed insulation, drywall, plumbing, and the list goes on and on. It is the little lady who refinanced her pick-up truck so she could send Miracle Valley $12,000. It is the little widow with her monthly support of $20, faithfully sent to Miracle Valley. It is the man from California who was not acquainted with us, but knew the voice of God when God told him to give us $100,000 so Miracle Valley could be saved. It is the little woman who attended one of our Camp Meetings for her first time in Miracle Valley, who without pressure from anyone, but yet who knew and heard God's voice speak to her to stand with us, that went home and shortly thereafter, sent several sizable checks to us that added up to several hundred thousands of dollars. God's faithful people, most who have never had a connection in their past with Miracle Valley or A A Allen, but who heard the voice of God to stand and help us in the restoration of Miracle Valley. It's the Hills, who come each year from Ohio, even though they are elderly; they loved Miracle Valley and were always involved in doing manual labor. It is the Don Thompsons who come and labor and give of themselves. It is the Ray Knapps who physically labors, doing many things that others cannot do. It is the Bruce Yoders who sacrifice their tax money and send it to Miracle Valley. It is the Dr Dennis Robinsons who both labor and pray and give their all. It is the Toms and Ruths who come from Indiana to work on tractors and lawn equipment and who pray and believe God with us, yet all the while contribute each month to the work at Miracle Valley. It is the Nancy Cardenas who, although somewhat handicapped, faithfully supported Miracle Valley with her finances. It is the Claire & Wyonna Lee Duwe from Kansas who brought several car loads of volunteers who not only labored each day, but also preached and ministered every night in a revival at Miracle Valley. It is Dan & Diane Binner, who take two weeks vacation each year to come to Miracle Valley to labor and work, and who faithfully support Miracle Valley with their prayers each day and their financial support. It is people like Vernon Oxford from Nashville, the professional country music star who had found Christ as his Lord & Savior, who came to Miracle Valley and prayed in the tabernacle throughout the day for an entire week. It is the Dan Sloans, a missionary who flew to Miracle Valley from South Korea, who donated $3,000 and labored for a month, working to restore Miracle Valley. The list goes on and on. These are just a few of the many people who have sacrificed and given of themselves to the work of God at Miracle Valley during the nine years Sister Harter and I was there. - Dr Melvin Harter Outsiders Make Offer to Purchase MV truck If God does not continue to intervene on our behalf, there is a strong possibility that we will no longer be connected with the Miracle Valley Campus. Our attorney notified me that there are other(s) who desperately want to purchase Miracle Valley. These people are offering the State's Receiver 1.2 million dollars for the purchase of Miracle Valley. According to a recent appraisal of the property, the 1.2 million dollars is far higher than the present value of Miracle Valley. However, as you know, "A fool and his money soon departeth." In order for this transaction to occur, the buyers must have a "clear title." There is no clear title until our ministry's rights to Miracle Valley are fully satisfied because a grave legal injustice was dealt to us. A week or so ago, our attorney was contacted regarding an offer to us relating to selling our legal rights to the Miracle Valley Campus, as well as an outright purchase of Miracle Valley Cemetery. As most of you know, our ministry has a clear deed to the Miracle Valley Cemetery and there is nothing owed against it. They had wanted me to make a decision already regarding their offer; however, are requesting our decision at least by next Monday, June 7. This is a "Cash Out" Offer where we would surrender our legal rights regarding the existing Miracle Valley 62 acre campus and selling them the 2 acre Miracle Valley Cemetery. What is a person to do? I don't know what others would do, but I do know what I will do. I will do as I have throughout my entire ministry, and that is, TAKE IT TO THE LORD IN PRAYER. For the last week or so, Sister Harter & I, as well as many of our dear friends, have been on our knees in prayer, asking the Lord for divine direction and guidance. We have not heard anything as of today from the Lord, so we will continue praying and seek the face of God. If I get no answer, I plan to continue on present course. I have no desire for money except to use it for the glory of the Lord. I cannot be bought out with large sums of money. I strive only to fulfill what I believe the Lord has spoken to me. However, the representative for the Receiver regarding Landmarc Capital is hoping that I will accept this offer. All I can do is pray and trust the Lord to lead me. I must hear from God regarding this matter. Will you sincerely pray with me regarding this situation? God bless every one of you is my prayer. - Dr Melvin Harter Our Vision for Miracle Valley truck Sister Harter & I have spent hours in prayer regarding Miracle Valley. We were asking the Lord as to again how He would have us to support Miracle Valley and exactly what He wants us to do on that ground. I believe that God has given me divine direction and a fresh vision for Miracle Valley. Should the Lord put us back at Miracle Valley, here is our vision. I feel that God wants me to emphasis the spiritual aspect of Miracle Valley. By that, this is what I mean. I want to greatly emphasize PRAYER. I will strive to obtain prayer warriors, people who will humble themselves, pray and seek the face of God. I would like to have people praying "around the clock" seven days a week in the Prayer Tower. Prayer is the backbone of the ministry. I want to bomb-bard heaven with prayers from praying people. I want gospel music to be played throughout the campus area. Wherever you walk, you will hear the gospel songs of deliverance, healing, and salvation. I want to create a mood of spirituality. I want something to be going on in the Tabernacle every evening. Singing, preaching, teaching, praying, something happening all the time. I want to restart the childcare center. I discovered that there is a tremendous need in the local community for this type of ministry. Many children in our community are not afforded the opportunity that can only be obtained by a Christian childcare center. I want to start an Assisted Living Home again, but not at this exact time. I feel that a new Assisted Living Home could be built sometime in the near future. But at this time, I would like to take our old Assisted Living Home, give it a fresh coat of paint, as well as new floor tile and carpet. We still have the furnishings that could easily be placed back into the building. But what I feel God would have me to do regarding this particular building is to create a FAITH HOUSE. Many of you may not know what a FAITH HOUSE is. Let me explain. It is a lovely home where sick people can go and actually live there for a while and receive prayer, encouragement, read the Bible, watch Christian CDs and have wonderful Christian people praying with them, encouraging them and believing God with them for a miracle to occur. Many people have lost all hope. The doctors can do nothing else for them. Death awaits them. I feel that God would have me to start this type of ministry in our former Assisted Living Home. Personally, I do not know of any place where a person can go and stay for several weeks at a time and where they will receive prayer and have people full of faith around them. Thank God for John G Lake's healing rooms. But at Miracle Valley, I will create the POOL OF BETHESDA once again where people can come for at least 2 weeks and receive prayer around the clock. I want to establish the Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary on campus as well. As we travel throughout the State of Arizona, preaching the gospel under the big white gospel tent, we have many people who are interested in becoming a student, live on campus, and be a total part of what God is doing at Miracle Valley. How do I raise the necessary funds needed for this great venture of faith? I plan to go on world-wide television utilizing stations like THE WORD NETWORK, which broadcasts around the entire globe. We have already done our homework regarding television and we believe that we can get underway with as little as $100,000. I believe that there are people whose hearts God will touch. All types of people, poor people and rich people. Sick people and healthy folks. And I believe these people will help us in paying Miracle Valley off in full so there will never be a debt on Miracle Valley again. These people will help us restore the facilities at Miracle Valley, which will enable us to restore every building, including the men and women's dormitories. The same Holy Ghost that is upon us will reach out and touch those who view our anointed television program. We will televise every miracle and healing that occurs at Miracle Valley. God's anointing will fall once again upon Miracle Valley, and a great work for God will be accomplished. Laugh at me if you want. Just remember, I have been laughed at many times throughout the years, but as one man stated who was eating at our fish fry at Miracle Valley, "Many people are laughing at you, and think you are a big joke, but after meeting with you and seeing what you are doing, I now know that the joke is really on them." God bless you, Dr Melvin Harter I want to share something very important with you. Most people always make the statement, "God's will be done," as though regardless whatever occurs, it was God divine will. But this is not so. Think about it. The scripture is very plain in stating that it is not God's will that any man should perish, but that His will is for everyone to go to heaven. However, does everyone go to heaven? I think you know the answer to that. In fact, the Bible tells us that God has had to ENLARGE HELL for the number of men's souls that are going there. So is God's will being accomplished? NO. A thousand times NO. My sincere advice to you is to pray and ask God exactly who He wants at Miracle Valley, and then get in there and give all the support for that person. I have shared our past accomplishments, our sacrifice and our vision with you in this newsletter. Time has come to an end for a decision to be made. I am praying and trusting in the Lord for His divine direction. If I do not return to Miracle Valley, then I can say before God Almighty, I HAVE DONE MY BEST and God will not hold me responsible when I stand before Him on Judgment Day. Friends, I really need to hear from you immediately. There is no more time. The future of Miracle Valley may be resting in your hands. What you do may very well determine the immediate future of Miracle Valley. It may determine if a world-wide revival will break out. It might even be a vast determination of the future of our own nation for everyone knows that America Needs Revival. Please feel free to call me at 520-255-5959 or 520-255-5960. You can email me at miracleoffice@yahoo.com God richly bless each of you. - Dr Melvin Harter Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary Miracle Valley, AZ We Need To Hear From You Now It Will Soon Be Too Late Melvin This is it. Miracle Valley is at a cross-road. What occurs in the next few days will determine the eternal outcome of Miracle Valley. Miracle Valley very well may become a "Holy Shrine" to the late Rev. A. A. Allen, who incidentally died 40 years ago. By the way, if you believe a book regarding the last days of Allen entitled, ONLY BELIEVE, on page 137, the author states "I scooped up all the vodka bottles into a trash bag . . . throwing the whole thing into a dumpster. . . . it showed that he had died of acute alcoholism." I do not mean to sound harsh in any way; however, I still believe the scripture in I Corinthians 6:10 that no drunkards "shall inherit the kingdom of God." I don't care if it is you or me or anyone else. Call it human weakness all you want, but the Bible declares it to be so. Miracle Valley may become another Charismatic center where worldly people can jump up and down, wave flags, prophesy over each other, declare they go up to heaven several times a day, and wait for the heavens to open upon them. These are the people who have professional dancers in their worship. Do you think this is what God wants for Miracle Valley? OR Miracle Valley could become a Holy Ghost Center where young people are studying God's Holy Word, learning to become effective in their ministerial call, all the while living a holy, godly, separated life unto the Lord. A place where the sick can come and receive divine healing or a miracle. A place where you can telephone for special or emergency prayer for some one who may be staring death in the face. The choice is yours to make today. I think you know which one I am standing for. Call us right now at 520-255-5960 and pledge your prayer and support Miracle Valley.